Philip Laue

Copywriter Dallas, TX

I like clever. I love honest. Beyond that, I’m a culture sponge and a fantasy sports legend in my own mind.


Senior Copywriter

The Marketing Arm

Honey, I’m home. Let’s leave the kids with the grandparents, go out to eat for dinner and then come home and make advertising afterwards.

Senior Copywriter


You know those headlines that read something like, “Florida Man Teaches Old Alligator New Tricks?” Well, mine would say, “Florida Man Puts On Big-Boy Jorts, Takes Senior Role.”


Red Square Agency

Like LeBron, I took my talents to South Beach. Well, a south beach. Actually, it’s more of a bay than a beach. But there’s a really cool agency down there that let me hang out and play with words for money. Suckers.



I put words on TV, radio, print, outdoor, and online. Sometimes, they even made sentences and won awards.

Interactive Producer

Agency Entourage

I wrote and managed social media content, blogs, emails, press releases and website content for a variety of clients.


University of North Texas

B.A. Journalism

I learned that a diploma is not a golden ticket and that it’s easier to make the grade when you love the subject.